Figure skating and Me


1: Bigining

Figure skating and Me

I would like to introduce to you some stories about why I started to train in figure skating.

It was a late starting age when I trained in figure skating. When I was 30, I went to an ice rink spontaneously. I did not have my skates, and of course, I did not know how to skate. Why I tried to start new things was related to my grandmother’s disease. I thought she gave me a chance to think about a meaningful life. In 2001 autumn, she had a serious brain disease and needed to stay at a hospital. My mother and I spent time with her because she needed support.
One day, when I helped her use the toilet, I was aware there was no time to hesitate to start something new. Then, I went to the ice rink first time that day. The reason why I remembered was that it is on my bucket list of things I have not challenged myself with before.