I am planting thousand of dreams


my mother’s dream

One day, my mother sighed.”It was a waste of time.” I asked her, “Why do you think so?” She talked about a reason that I’d already heard before.

She desires to open her own cafe. Being a shop owner is one of her dreams. When she imagines this, she looks so happy. I like the moment of hearing about the wonderful shop. However, she is disappointed at that same time because she forecasts difficulties.

These are her voice. Where is running money? How do we find the place? How do we gather clerks? I am too old to start something new. These are the reasons for her sigh.

Dreaming is waste of time. This was her answer.

dreaming is only the seeds of your desire

One day, she talked to me the same phrase, “Dreaming is empty. I know that my imagination is only a dream. Dreams don’t come true.” At that moment, I was aware of an interesting point. I answered her, “You shouldn’t be discouraged. A dream is a dream. If it doesn’t become real, that’s the reason we call them “DREAM”.” She was confused to hear my opinion. So I continued explaining. “When we desire something, we connect the two different things. These are the one set causes and results. In my opinion, this perspective is incorrect. They are fundamentally two different things. The cause is dreaming and the result is only the experience.”

I proposed to her, ” Let’s plant a lot of seeds of dreaming. Imagination is free. I believe that the seeds are like the traffic sign. When we walk our life, such a road sign is very useful. The dream seeds tell us, for example, “Go straight! This situation looks disappointing, but you’re going to understand half of a year.” My mother argued to me, “I’ve never experienced such lucky results.” To be honest, I had the same feelings. However, I wanted to claim this thinking to her because of my experiences. “I totally agree with your opinion, mom. The dream seeds often bring us hard consequences and disappointing results. But, it’s healthy for our mentality. If we usually ignore our desires, negative feelings come out, for instance, jealousy, insecurity, envy, anger.” I talked about some private experiences with her. I don’t disagree with the opinion that we should think only of an attainable goal, not an unattainable one. It is good if people don’t feel stressed. However, I believed that we shouldn’t ignore our desires even if they look ridiculous and strange because they are a part of us. Everything comes from our inside. If we take care of these baby dreams, they would become helpful traffic signs in our life journey.