What is the thing that you love?


I read a story in a library three weeks ago. The title was “I am still walking on my way: Manga Street”. The author was a well-known manga artist. I often read his comic when I was a child. However, I didn’t know his life and passion for creating new books. The story was very long but I was crazy to read it. His attractive life drew my attention. Especially, his enthusiasm for making books impressed me.

I thought that it was the “power of love”. He loved to create new stories. He didn’t do this because he wanted to get money and social status. When he decided to become a manga artist, nobody predicted that a new industry market would appear in the near future. The time was after WWⅡ. Everybody had difficulty to make a living.

I thought that the pure passion of this manga artist may draw a bit of luck and may bring some more. There is no guarantee for a bright future for this new product of Manga but they continued to write and publish. This was touching story. For most people, they tend to give up what they like to do if they don’t succeed at the beginning. However, these two Manga artist proved that working hard with pasion can bring succes.

After the reading, I looked back on my life. What is the thing that I love a lot?