Do people pursue only benefits for humankind?


I believe that people do not pursue only benefits for humankind. Although people have made harmful effects on nature and other species, humans also work hard to fix this situation. There are three reasons to support my opinions.

Firstly, on the one hand, the development of technology has caused negative effects on the environment, thus having repercussions on humankind. For instance, scientists create effective pesticides to improve harvest rates. Unfortunately, this innovation in agriculture introduces toxic pesticides into the soil, and destroys the natural cycle. However, on the other hand, humans have tried to change these serious situations. An example is the genetic engineering for new plants. Therefore, if farmers could take advantage of this sophisticated technology, the situation may improve.

Secondly, educational institutions have contributed to creating a better planet. They have provided various opportunities for humans to think about problematic issues for a long time. The young generation learns about human activities objectively. Some people are interested in gathering information only for their benefits through the process of studying, however(nevertheless), other people seek solutions to social issues. Establishing academic institutions have had a significant role in making the world better.

Finally, although humans have developed artistic culture from ancient times, they have exploited the arts for capitalistic gain. For example, attractive posters and advertising jingles have increased consumerism. As a result, people have tended to buy more products. This will lead to build numerous factories for producing items. Ultimately, such situations may bring serious issues like air pollution and water pollution. However, art has a vital role allowing people to be aware of what is the most important in our lives. Artistic creators provide invaluable chances to rethink our origins and roots.

In my conclusion, almost human activities are double-edged swords. Our selfich activities and desires may be create serious environmental problems for many decades. Yet these activities are not completely harmful to humankind. We have the ability to improve the world.