Agree or disagree : Extreme social inequality will never be eliminated


I am of the opinion that extreme social inequality will never be eliminated because of changing technology in our society. The difficulties in changing technology, the educational gap, and inappropriate government policies support my points of view.

Firstly, nowadays, everybody needs to use technology like PC and smartphones. These devices are vital to have convenient lives. However, some people do not have knowledge and have trouble with how to use them. This digital gap will lead to inequality between online and non-online users. People who do not use internet products can not obtain the latest information. This means that they may lose advantages in their lives.

インターネット 格差 子ども に対する画像結果

In addition, the lack of information skills may bring an educational gap. For example, rich children can purchase sophisticated laptops and tablets. Thus they can learn various kinds of studying apps at home. Furthermore, they can also take extra lessons from online tutors after school. On the other hand, poor families cannot provide chances to improve children’s abilities. The lack of internet literacy would bring an unpleasant future for students. They may have difficulties surviving the competitive working world.

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Lastly, governments have trouble resolving these complicated social problems. One of the reasons is the no skills to deal with appeared issues like cybercrime. If they try to make a new law to control them, politicians need to take many steps. Ironically, while taking the time to make new rules, other types of crimes will be born in societies. This looks like “a cat and mouse game”.

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In my conclusion, I do not think that eliminating the social gap is an attainable goal in the near future. Humankind should continue to seek the best solutions for these problems.