Agree or disagree: Globalization is a positive force in today’s world


I agree that globalization is a positive force in today’s world. Expanding internet users, convenient transportation, and an increasing number of multinational companies support this opinion.

Firstly, nowadays, everybody uses internet devices in their daily lives. We can communicate easily with foreigners and purchase the latest products from overseas. We do not have to spend money on communication tools. Moreover, we can use the huge international market 24 hours a day. This phenomenon makes our lives easier than in the past. Thus this leads to economic growth in individual countries.

Secondly, more sophisticated transportation has given humans comfortable lives, therefore we can go anywhere quickly due to airplanes and trains. In addition, this situation leads not only to benefits for specific people, but also innovations for the world like high-speed trains. Moreover, countries import and export various kinds of products between each other like food. Thus transportation will help move people and products freely between borders.

Finally, numerous companies have established sister workplaces abroad. This situation may bring economic growth. For example, international corporations hire local people. This would be one of the solutions to unemployment issues. Furthermore, such companies improve the local infrastructure. If they want to gain wealthy profits, this investment is necessary. Therefore, megacorporations affect positively the local and international economies.

In my conclusion, on the one hand, globalization has some negative impacts on societies like environmental problems and decreasing domestic industries. However, on the other hand, globalization has much potential to resolve social issues.