A Special Exhibition in Japan 1


In 2017, a special painting exhibition was held in Japan. The unique exhibition was called “A Fear in Paintings”. Why the organisers named it this way was because they exhibited only mysterious and “terror” paintings from many famous museums all over the world. In addition, there was a very long explanation next to each painting. Normally, there is not much information on pictures in Japanese art exhibitions. The reason is that too much information might give audiences specific ideas. Enjoying art should be free. Interestingly, this exhibition was more successful. Many Japanese people, especially the young generation wanted to see the interesting exhibition. They were curious about the beautiful art and the hidden stories.

Ms Kyoko Nakano was one of this exhibition’s organisers. Even though Her job was professor of German literature, she had enough knowledge of European history as well. I would like to talk to you about the background of the painting exhibition. There is a reason why this German literary researcher made a decision to have the exhibition.