Coincidence have some reasons


Five years later, she had been playing with her son at home. The telephone rang. This call was from Mr.Hayao Miyazaki belonging to the Ghibli studio. He said to her, “I was so impressed with the scenario you wrote, so our studio wants to make a plan for the new movie based on your story “Whisper of the Heart”.” She was at loss for words at that moment because she loves all the animations serious by Ghibli studio. She never imagined that Mr. Miyazaki called her directly.

Mr. Miyazaki told her why he had a chance opportunity to read her book. Ms.Hiiragi was surprised to hear about his experiences. Mr. Miyazaki accidentally saw “Whisper of the heart” two times. The first was the summer holiday. He read it and was inspired by Ms.Hiiragi’s fantastic world, however, he totally forgot the book after the summer. Next year, he visited the same cottage with the same friend. He found the same book which he read last summer. He and his friend remembered the story and they were curious about the continuation and end. Therefore, Mr. Miyazaki accidentally met the same scenario two times. Interestingly, nobody knew why the book was on a bookshelf. Mr.Miyazaki guessed that his relatives’ children took it to this house and they forgot to bring back it.

The situation was also perfect. Mr.Miyazaki and his friend were bored with the cycle of a simple life. So they discussed the stories which Mr.Miyazaki found. This was only one summer memory. Surprisingly, the next summer, they saw the same book again and the sequel. They enjoyed discussing the plot again. At that moment, Mr.Miyazaki whispered, “I want to create a movie based on this tale.”