Title: Some dental treatment is harmful to your health.


Chapter 1: My Experience of dental treatment; What is This Smell?

I noticed that my tooth brush smelled when I washed my teeth. This smell was stinky and unpleasant. I suspected the reason was from my back tooth being fixed two months ago. At that moment, I remembered that my coworkers had the same smells. They were young, so they didn’t have gum disease. However, they have the same smells that gum disease patients have. I researched dental treatment and gathered useful information because I wanted to know what the smell was.

Chapter 2: The Cause of unpleasant smell and The Materials of Silver Filling

I understood the smells where the smells come from when I researched about some cause. If people have a metal crown on their tooth, there may be a loose space between the crown and the tooth. Some pieces of food might be caught in the space and spoil. The metal crown makes a narrow pocket. This situation is very bad for dental conditions because the tooth has highly percent risk of tooth decay. Moreover, I found an interesting document on silver filling. It might cause a negative effect on our bodies, especially for people who have metal allergies.