We met each other before!


Currently, we are talking about “coincidence”. I noticed an interesting situation that was one of my English student and I met ten years ago. Furthermore, we might see eath other next month! Truth is stranger than novels sometimes.

I had an English class this morning. She was a new student. I read her introduction before the lesson. Her aim is to improve her speaking skills.

When the lesson started, she talked about her background. Interestingly, she was an actress in the famous Japanese musical company “Shiki Theatre Company”. I was so excited to hear that. I’ve visited many times to see their stage, also I participated in the dancing lessons when I worked as a teacher.

We enjoyed talking about the topic of dancing. She talked to me her favourite play when she belonged to the musical team. I know almost all the repertoires because I am a fan of the troupe. So I told her my favourite show. It is “The cat who desires to become a human”. She was so surprised to hear the title because that program is a special show for children who live in rural areas. She asked me, “When and where did you see it?” I said to her, “It was around 10 years ago and I watched it in Rishiri-island.” She was excited and laughed, “I can’t believe it! I acted in the program! We’ve already seen each other before!”

Moreover, there is one more interesting coincidence.

She is going to come to Hakodate in May! Now, she retired as a musical actress because she has to raise children. She opened her own dancing studio in Shizuoka prefecture. She provides lessons for local children. One day, she received a message from Hakodate local government. They asked her to hold a temporary dancing workshop in the city.

I wish I could see her in my city next month!