What is the thing that you can’t stop doing?


(*This paragraph was continued from the previous topic:”What is the thing that you love?”)

I went back home, and I tried to remember the interests that I immersed myself in. Discovering my interests was like a journey and I surprisingly became aware that I had misunderstood myself. I asked myself, “What is the thing that you couldn’t stop doing?”. I tried to remember what I was involved in. Here is the list: dancing classic ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, singing a song, drawing pictures, and figure skating. Interestingly, I loved to do these activities, however, I stopped doing some now. For example, I stopped training in rhythmic gymnastics when I graduated from high school. Even though I was obsessed, I stopped dancing.

I needed to look at these personal experiences objectively because Japanese society has affected my thinking. Almost all Japanese have a strong belief that people should achieve one thing in their lives. For example, professional Sushi chefs need to train for at least 10 years under experts. After the training terms, they can be professional chefs, thus achieving the ideal life for Japanese people. They strongly believe that the most important thing is the improvement of one specific thing. Therefore, cases, where people are multi-talented, are rare in Japan. For example, a person is a knowledgeable doctor and a talented cellist.

I reached a conclusion from my research: having experiences that you obsess about is not harmful to life. The pieces of these different learning will become a treasure for your life.

In addition, I guess that I might have abilities that I am not aware of. I haven’t discovered where is my hidden talent yet. In the end, I think that discovering your talents is the real journey of life.