Coincidence has some reasons -chapter1-


A Muse hides in a tiny lucky

  • from the movie “Whisper of the heart”-

“Whisper of the heart” is one of my favourite movies. I found very interesting background stories of this lovely movie this morning in a city library. What I learned was “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

Now, every Japanese people knows it that is a fantastic movie created by Studio Giburi. Almost all stories were made by the animation director Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. However, only the movie story “Whisper of the heart” was not written by him. The story was made by manga artist Ms. Aoi Hiiragi. There was an interesting story that Mr. Miyazaki saw the beautiful story.

During summer vacation, Mr. Miyazaki stayed in his second house with his friend in Nagano prefecture. The city was well known for its delicious fruits and rich nature. They enjoyed simple life every day because there weren’t the internet and big shopping mole. They were fishing, cooking, and preparing to take baths. They were bored on such days after two weeks.

One day, Mr. Miyazaki found an old magazine “Ribbon” in a room. He read it because he had a lot of boring times. The magazine was written for teenagers, especially girls. Almost all stories are love stories. However, one story was different. It was not only an individual relationship. He was curious about the story. He discussed the details with his friend because there weren’t whole stories in that magazine. They imagined the ending. This was the first meeting of “Whisper of the heart” and Studio Ghibli.