Coincidence has some reasons -chapter2-


When people desire dreams to come true, they attempt to decide the best choice. However, ironically, the decision might lead in a different direction. What would you feel at that moment? Maybe you are disappointed. But you should not be temporarily discouraged. A surprising opportunity might happen in the next few seconds.

This is the background story of “Whisper of the heart”. The manga artist Ms. Aoi Hiiragi is well-known as a storyteller of love stories. Her magazine’s readers are almost all teenagers. I read a lot of her books when I was school-aged. She was successful in her job, but on the other hand, she had struggles with her style. She wanted to try to make a different type of story not only about the serious relationships between individual people.

One day, suddenly, she came up with the title for the next story. It was “Whisper of the Heart”. She liked the words sound but she didn’t have any ideas about the main story. She only enjoyed imagining when she thought of the sounds of the title.

One year later, she started to write this new story. Unfortunately, the editor disagreed with the scenario. He suggested that changing the plot was the better choice. The reason was that it didn’t focus on a love story. She argued against his opinion because she didn’t want to write a typical storyline. She desired to challenge something new, for example, growing teenagers’ feelings or friendships. Eventually, the editor accepted her opinion. She was happy to hear the news and believed that audiences would enjoy the new direction.

Surprisingly, the publishing result was very bad. Readers were against her new style. They wanted to return to her original storyline again. The serialization was stopped only after the fourth publication by the editor. She had to accept the unfortunate situation. As a result, the ending wasn’t completely finished. This was a pity. She displayed the comic book in her cupboard and prayed that a lot of people might enjoy the story. She loved the tale in her heart.